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For nearly 40 years, SANE has been standing up for and supporting people facing complex mental health challenges and stigma. SANE’s free national Support Line receives around 20,000 calls annually and is like no other, delivering hope, help, information and support to those affected and their families. We are the mental health organisation that helps bridge the gaps in the health system, offers community and calls you back. As a leading digital mental health organisation, our Support Line is number one for quality and safety as the first organisation to the pass the Australian standards for digital mental health.

SANE’s Support Line operates thanks to donations, but demand for the Support Line continues to escalate, with SANE’s highly qualified counsellors taking up to 20,000 calls per year. The Support Line provides hope and a pathway for people with complex mental health challenges and their families to seek appropriate help, and access other SANE services such as our guided service and online community Forums. With two in five Australians aged 16 – 85 experiencing a mental health disorder at some stage, and costs for psychological support and waiting lists continuing to rise, the Support Line remains an important source of vital support.

Fundraising will help keep our Support Line free and running to service a growing demand - currently at 20,000 people nationally. Many of these people are from remote or regional areas where services are scarce, or people living in lower socioeconomic conditions, including First Nations peoples. SANE’s services have been co-designed specifically for those experiencing complex mental health issues or trauma. With the highest rate of mental disorders recorded in people aged 16-34, SANE’s vital services are critical for our community. Funds raised will help train and recruit our counselling staff and ensure the service can continue to support those who need help.

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Your gift can provide vital support and change lives:

  • $30 helps provide free support calls with a Support Line counsellor.
  • $45 helps train peer support workers to provide ways to navigate mental health challenges.
  • $100 helps fund production of resources such a factsheet and guides.
  • $150 supports the cost of recruiting and training Support Line counsellors.

All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

Rose’s Story

Rose’s middle daughter Claire, aged 16 lives with bipolar disorder and ADHA and the impact on the diagnosis has on both Claire, Rose and the family has been huge. Rose herself also lives with bipolar disorder. People like Rose should not have to go through the trauma and stress she has endured without proper support.

“I have another two children (one of which also had ADHD) who have had to deal with so much and the stigma of their sister being very unwell and awful comments thrown at them in the playground.”

Over the years I have learnt to manage my bipolar disorder – I am now working full time and living a relatively normal life. But my daughter Claire is just at the beginning and needs extra support, and I need support to care for her. The SANE Support Line counsellors have been life changing. I know they are there when I need them most. They provide practical support and really understand complex mental health conditions. I have been able to manage my daughter’s conditions, support the whole family and ensure my own mental health hasn’t declined so I can keep my job and provide for my family.”

People like Rose and her family should not have to go through the trauma and stress of managing complex mental health conditions without proper support. SANE’s Support Line counsellors support individuals with complex mental health needs and also provides support for their family, friends and carers.

Please give a generously to help more people and families like Rose’s.

Many thanks for your support.

*Names and images have been changed to protect the identity of our participants.